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Letitia Harris

In Oral History Interviews on April 20, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Letitia Harris is the daughter of famed painter Falstaff Harris.  Here she is talking about her older sister, Joan Harris SouthGate, when being interviewed by Joan Bryant and Nancy Keefe Rhodes.

Yeah.  I’ll talk to my sister, see if she remembers.  She, talk about a character, that’s my sister.  My sister’s 83.  I had to go see her.  She walked to Canada.

She walked?  Did she follow the Underground Railroad?  Yes.

And she wrote a book called In Their Path.  Joan Harris.  Her married name is Southgate.  And so she might remember a lot of stuff.

But I had to go see her a few months ago because you know what she did at 83?


She and some of her buddies, the youngest I think was 72, decided to get on a bicycle built for four!  And ran straight into a wall.  And blessed is she was, the only thing she broke was her nose.

Oh, still!

She’s amazing.   Just amazing.


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